30 Books for turning 30 on the 30th 

So I turned 30 today! A bit of a milestone, further along in some aspects of my life than I ever thought I’d be and further behind in others, but that’s life, contentment is a difficult thing to discover.


To celebrate, I’m going to put together a list of 30 books I propose to read in my 30th year. Hopefully they will aid even further my growth as a human being! If you think there’s a book on this list that can be replaced by a better read please do let me know, I’m more than open to suggestions!


The Essential Rumi - Reissue1. The Essential Rumi

I’m not tackling this because of queen Bs little one, but because this poet is meant to have written some of the most moving works about the purest and most raw of human emotions: grief, love and belonging. A cornerstone of sufi mysticism and spirituality Rumis poetry from the 13th century is said to transcend time and place, and that’s what I’m hoping to take from this book, a sense of peace knowing that all of humanity no matter the era has had the same basic feelings, worries and fears.



2. To The LighthouseTo The Lighthouse (Vintage Classics Woolf Series)

I haven’t actually read any of Virginia Woolfs novels and I figured that one of her most acclaimed works wasn’t a bad place to start! I believe To The Lighthouse follows a family and their acquaintances before, during and after the war. I hope to grasp the underlying concepts of what Woolf thought of perception and how our own relationships and inner thought processes interpret and perceive events happening around us and to us.



3. TThe Gender Gameshe Gender Games

Juno Dawsons book has been on my radar for the best part of a year, and I really want to get stuck into it in 2018. Looking at the gender spectrum and the damaging concepts of gendered work and play, this is a collection of writings from some of the most brilliant minds at work today in feminist writings, gender and trans activism and general all round bad-assery.  I feel this is an important work, and an own-voice that needs to be heard in todays world.


Invisible Man4. Invisible Man

Ellisons 1952 novel as a black man living an invisible life in white America, is a book that has been highly recommended to me on several occasions and one that I definitely need to read this year. I hope to try to grasp what he means by invisible, try to understand what it’s like to be perceived by others as a collection of stereotypes and not as an individual person. I know I will never know what it’s like to be a black person in this world, but I’d like to get a sense of the struggles that others face.


Housekeeping5. Housekeeping

An aunt raising two sisters, a tale of growing into adulthood and dealing with loneliness, loss and sadness. I really want to read this novel due to the high praise it’s received everywhere! It sounds like the book I really enjoy, a slow burner with a powerful portrayal of emotions and told through beautiful prose. I hope that this book is one of those in which nothing really startling happens, but a lot is felt and the story stays with you long after it’s been read.



Lives of Girls and Women6. Lives of Girls and Women

A collection of short stories that come together to create a novel, each episode a new insight into the growth of the female protagonist and her understanding of live, death, sex and love. I want this novel to capture my imagination, to force me to examine feminist ideas from the perspectives of the mature woman and the maturing child, their influences, and the similarities and differences between their experiences.



7. On the genealogy of morality

8. Girls to the front

9. God of small things

10. The year of magical thinking

11. Slaughterhouse 5

12. The world according to garp

13. The empathy exams

14. A manual for cleaning women

15. Redefining realness

16. Tiny Beautiful Things

17. The heart of a woman

18. Americanah

19. Sex Object

20. I feel bad about my neck

21. One hundred years of solitude

22. The second sex

23. Mistakes I’ve made at work

24. The amazing adventures of kavalier and clay

25. Bad feminist

26. Adulthood is a myth

27. Whipping Girl

28. Handmaids tale

29. The reluctant fundamentalist

30. Meditations